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Monday, February 6, 2012

When Exercise is Harmful

I'm often asked if Yoga is an effective, healthy exercise. In my opinion, it certainly is healthy when done in a mindfull moderate manner. A recent article in the popular press describes many of the issues associated with strenuous exercises like Yoga if not done correctly.

Exercise needs to push your abilities in order for the body and mind to adapt and become stronger. This adaptation is exciting to see and experience. However when performing any type of exercise, it is important to be aware of the limitations of your body. I have seen hip, neck, knee, shoulder, elbow and low back injuries due to incorrectly exercising. If you experience the sudden onset of pain during exercise, stop immediately and seek professional help. If an instructor is pushing you too hard, stop and find a new instructor. If a particular type of exercise is causing injuries, stop and find a new type of exercise. 

Some post exercise soreness is normal due to the adaptation of muscles and tendons and this typically goes away in 24-48 hours after onset. If the soreness does not diminish, a longer interval of recovery may be necessary before another session of exercise is performed. If the soreness doesn't resolve, seek consultation with a qualified professional such as myself. Remember, exercise is best when it's fun, enjoyable and injury free.

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